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a few pictures of Lozier brand gondola used
Urban Miner
This guy does de-construction in (mostly residential?) urban areas.  It's a long shot, though. Probably no stock, just the type of company you ask to keep it's ears open, maybe, if you can wait.
Before you start just clickin' buttons, get your specifications ready.

1) Write it all down before you make a single phone call or contact. Or let me find a deal for you, based on your location, and what you need.

2) Easily E-mail out for a few quotes, if you want to do it yourself.

Prepare to answer all of these questions:
Starter units: Height? Deck size? Quantity?
Add-on units: Height? Deck SIze? Quantity?
If possible, do you want different base deck sizes on opposite sides of any islands?
Island or Wall?
How many shelves per 'face'?
An Island has 2 'faces', a wall has one.
Don't count the base deck again...they come with the units.
Size of all shelves
End caps?


Note: If you aren't too picky about size.

Be ready to adjust your size a little, if you can give or take a few inches of aisle space.
Some used brands use even sizes (12,14,16), some use odd (13,15,17).

C-Store, pharmacy sized small/medium sizes, 12"-16", are often the hardest to obtain.

retail shelving in CT: (?)


Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Danbury, Stamford CT

There's a big enough retail envornment in every direction to hope for a going out of business sale.
Check craigslist
(website) for used gondola in Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven. 
Next, check into sales in nearby major cities, like Boston

Your nearest out of state dealer is in Boston, with more in NY, NJ and PA.
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Used Retail Shelving 
Grocery, Dollar, C-Store
Used Lozier • Used Madix
Shelving Liquidations
Going towards Canada in any direction will be hit or miss.  Maine is kind of a shipping dead end, and the Canadian border could add a new element of expense or tariff.

The best you can do is probably just keep looking along the coast and west for random dealers and potential closeouts.

If you need a smaller, simple order, your search won't get past New Jersey.
Please check out my site for used pallet racking connecticut.

DeMarinto Fixtures
Supermarket/Restraunt liquidator
Nearest out of state gondola dealers in Boston and New Jersey. (and they do sell used shelving)