Before you start just clickin' buttons, get your specifications ready.

1) Write it all down before you make a single phone call or contact. Or let me find a deal for you, based on your location, and what you need.

2) Easily E-mail out for a few quotes, if you want to do it yourself.

Prepare to answer all of these questions:
Starter units: Height? Deck size? Quantity?
Add-on units: Height? Deck SIze? Quantity?
If possible, do you want different base deck sizes on opposite sides of any islands?
Island or Wall?
How many shelves per 'face'?
An Island has 2 'faces', a wall has one.
Don't count the base deck again...they come with the units.
Size of all shelves
End caps?


Note: If you aren't too picky about size.

Be ready to adjust your size a little, if you can give or take a few inches of aisle space.
Some used brands use even sizes (12,14,16), some use odd (13,15,17).

C-Store, pharmacy sized small/medium sizes, 12"-16", are often the hardest to obtain.
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a few pictures of Lozier brand gondola used

Used Gondola Shelving Indiana

Indianapolis , Fort Wayne , Gary , Evansville, South Bend

Retail Store Shelving Indiana:

Within a stones throw of michigan, Ft. Wayne might have the best shot at a super shelf deal in the state of Indiana.  It would seem less attractive at first glance, with less retail activity than Indianapolis, and further away than major cities which can be tapped for store closing sales; but Michigan is a superpower in the used Lozier micro-industry and should be considered the best first phone's so strong, even cities like Evansville and Bloomington are likely to find their best deals to the north.

Gary and South Bend have the same northern resouces available to Fort Wayne, but they also have Chicago.  Searching classifieds(like Craigslist) for shelving liquidations in Chicago is probably a good starting point...but chances are you will get a cheap shipment from Michigan.  The delivery cost will be offset by the tax exemption for out of state purchases.
Check craigslist (website) for store fixture liquidations in Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Evansville.
Then check the first major city in all bordering states for any shelving or closeouts.
All in all, Indiana is located perfectly for shopping out of state.  Nearby major cities with excellent shipping options, a variety of possible liquidations, and dealers with easy access to connecting highways.
Here's every used pallet racking Indiana dealer.

Fort Wayne:

Equipment Resale (website)
Used Shelving Dealers in Indiana:
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Used Retail Shelving 
Grocery, Dollar, C-Store
Used Lozier • Used Madix
Shelving Liquidations
If there isn't a liquidation that fills your need, then begin to query dealers. 
Try 'Indy Store Fixtures' (link on this page), based in Indianapolis.  As fallback, there are more dealers in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.There is an auctioneer(?) who might sell gondola, Porter's Trading Post, who is based in Indiana.  Google for info, his website is too vague to link to, though he used to be active in fixtures.


Indy Store Fixtures
(a division of 'Ell Enterprises')

Sullivan Commercial Supply (website)
(new and installs)

Key Auctioneers (website)

Commercial Liquidators of America (website)

Cambridge City:

M.E.G. (website)
('Merchadising Equipment Group')
(new manufacturer)

Indiana Auctioneers Association (website)