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Used Gondola Shelving Michigan

Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor

Retail Store Shelving for sale in Michigan:

For retailers in Michigan, there are unique and special circumstances.

The largest Store Fixture liquidation company was founded and operated out of Grand Rapids, MI.  "National Retail Equipment Liquidators"(N.R.E.L.), though no longer in existence, still has remnants in Michigan.  The company disolved some years back.  Now there are several liquidation companies, operating out of Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Flint and other MI areas.

     The owners went solo, the manager...even several former sales staff became "asset recovery" firms. They, basically, all went their seperate ways....they all started their own shelving liquidation companies!  
    This presents some Great buying opportunities for all of Michigan, including GR, Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and all outlying Detroit areas(Livonia, Pontiac, ect...). 
AAstorefixtures, KZfixtures, Fixture Finders, Liquid Asset Partners and Store Fixture Supercenter store fixture liquidators based in Michigan.  These guys buy and sell stores of gondola on a regular basis, and they are based in Michigan.

In Short, Michigan is one of the best, easiest places to buy used retail store shelves, hands down.  With the economy in as it is, buying from a closeout sale should be within the means of many retailers in the area.  Buying from a dealer who recently bought from a closing store is a virtual guarantee.

Cities as far away as Dallas or Miami might still find their best deals in Michigan, or the only dealer who can fill their needs.  A local can sometimes go and pick up (or get free/cheap delivery) shelving, always at competive prices. Local retailers are beyond help if they can't fill a used shelving order in-state.
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