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a few pictures of Lozier brand gondola used

Retail Store Shelving in Nevada:

Used Gondola Shelving Nevada

Always start your search in Las Vegas, of course, but don't get dismayed if you quickly end up searching out of state if you can only find Lozier locally, when you need Madix to complete your run.

Las Vegas isn't a particularly good shipping lane from anywhere far away.  I-15 and I-80 link to very few prime locations.  You will be paying high costs for a truck or LTL shipment from Texas or the Midwest. 

There are two GREAT shipping lanes for southern Nevada, and they might end up the focus of a vigilant store fixture search.  Los Angeles and Phoenix.   LA is a retail mega-giant, and you might find a dealer with your shelves in stock.  Better yet, you have a great shot of hitting a store fixture liquidation from LA.
While Phoenix does have the population that LA does, there is and active liquidator who operates out of Phoenix (Gershel Bros).
Reno is far too small to realistically expect a local purchase.  Store owners in Reno will be facing two options; try to fill your needs from Las Vegas or from the California bay area.  If you have to get a shipment further than LV or CA, your shipping expenses will increase dramatically...though Phoenix and LA will be your next best options. 

Nevada really is sparce in store fixture dealers, and not easily connected to (many) major cities with shelving liquidators present.   Sadly, Nevada's struggling economy might make finding a local store fixture liquidation all too easy.

Here's every nevada used pallet rack dealer.
Store Fixtures Las Vegas will be your best bet, under most circumstances.  They only sell used shelving, and will be hard to beat on price.

There are some cool store fixture dealers that could only thrive in Las Vegas, but only the Las Vegas Store Fixtures sells used retail shelving.
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