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Used Gondola Shelving - Beige, Island
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Used Gondola Shelving
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When they close or remodel a store, Walmart often sells off their used shelving to the public.  True to Walmarts nature, it's a better deal than most, but it usually isn't the best deal available.

For starters, it is an off-brand of used gondola shelving.  Unlike Lozier, finding compatible parts in a year or two might be a serious problem.
Also, the same piece of pegboard is used on both sides of the same gondola.  Many shelving brands, including Lozier and Madix, have two sheets of board for an island section. This isn't a deal breaker for most, but keep this in mind if you plan to peg alot of your products.  The metal will be exposed on the other side. 
The product itself isn't as structurally sound as a better shelving might be, the single-board being only one reason.  Again, this isn't a deal breaker, but it is a factor to consider.

If you are willing to settle, Walmart shelving is a viable option.  There are dealers who buy this and resell it, so if you have an option to cut out the middleman, and buy direct from a closing Walmart, you will save money.
Also, a closing Walmart will sell off other used retail equipment.  They will always send fixtures to another store in need, if it is economically viable.  Often, though, large, bulky items, like gondolas, will be sold off to the public.  Expect standard liquidation rules, "as is, where is"...meaning you might have to break it down and load it up!
It can be a fair deal to buy from a Walmart closeout.  If they have the right size, color, price, and the appearance of the shelving is good, it might be the right buy.  I recommend getting an extra section or two, a few shelves maybe, some extra might be hard to find these used parts later.

Walmart used retail Shelving Sales

Walmart sells many form of new shelving (but not new gondola) as part of their general inventory.
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