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a few pictures of Lozier brand gondola used
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Used Retail Shelving 
Grocery, Dollar, C-Store
Used Lozier • Used Madix
Shelving Liquidations
When they close or remodel a store, Walmart often sells off their used shelving to the public. 

When ANY retailer closes a store for almost ANY reason, they want to keep it as quick, quiet and orderly as possible. 

"Closing"..."Going out of business"...this isn't the best public image. It could affect stocks.

No retailer really wants to advertise this, Walmart included.

For starters, it might be an off-brand of used gondola shelving; finding compatible parts or matching additions in a year or two might be a serious problem, not sure of it's prevalence in the used market.

What kind of Gondola Does Walmart use?

Some of Walmarts supply appears to come from the Marmon Group
(website), a Berkshire Hathaway company.
The Marmon group lists many fixture brand names in their network, both in, and out, of the United States. A couple of the gondola brands they offer are LA Darling
(website) and Streater (website).

The Marmon groups 'Retail Store Equipment Sector' also includes Unarco (website) (shopping carts) and Thorco (website) (general display), among other brands.

LA darling
(website) supplies Walmart with gondola, but I doubt that's exclusive in all stores.  Might be worth checking if you need used parts?

More info next update May, 2015 thx.

Single Board or Double?

Many shelving brands, including Lozier and Madix, have two sheets of board for an island section.
I can't say it's the norm, but I have seen many Walmart fixture with a single sheet of pegboard.

This isn't a deal breaker for most, but keep this in mind if you plan to peg alot of your products.  The metal hook will be exposed on the other/back side and would require coverage and planning.

The product itself might not be as structurally sound as a more popular brand of shelving might be, the single-board being only one reason.  Again, this isn't a deal breaker, but it is a factor to consider.

Used Retail Store Shelving from Walmart

Before you start just clickin' buttons, get your specifications ready.

1) Write it all down before you make a single phone call or contact. Or let me find a deal for you, based on your location, and what you need.

2) Easily E-mail out for a few quotes, if you want to do it yourself.

Prepare to answer all of these questions:
Starter units: Height? Deck size? Quantity?
Add-on units: Height? Deck SIze? Quantity?
If possible, do you want different base deck sizes on opposite sides of any islands?
Island or Wall?
How many shelves per 'face'?
An Island has 2 'faces', a wall has one.
Don't count the base deck again...they come with the units.
Size of all shelves
End caps?


Note: If you aren't too picky about size.

Be ready to adjust your size a little, if you can give or take a few inches of aisle space.
Some used brands use even sizes (12,14,16), some use odd (13,15,17).

C-Store, pharmacy sized small/medium sizes, 12"-16", are often the hardest to obtain.