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Used Gondola Shelving Washington

Retail Store Shelving dealers:

Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Vancouver WA

Check craigslist (website) for store fixture liquidations in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and other local regions, even out of state. 
If you can't get shelving in Washington, your shipping/delivery costs will sharply rise beyond Portland, OR.
Washington State can be a difficult place to purchase large, bulky retail fixtures and shelves. 

If you search the web for 'used shelving in washington'...half your results are from Baltimore.  I'll assume residents of Washington are used to this.

Nestled in the northwest corner of the United States, it doesn't provide a good shipping point from anywhere, though it might have more options than you realize.
The first order of business is to seek out a closing grocery or dollar store for used retail shelving; decide now if you will settle for an off-brand, as it may open some doors for you.  If you are in a peripheral city, like Spokane or Vancouver, you will first want to check major cities and shipping points.
Seattle is the first place you should seek out used gondola shelving, even if you live in Spokane.  Smaller towns and cities simply won't have the retail activity nessecary to, likely, fill your stores needs.
Start by searching Seattle for store fixture liquidations; extend this search to nearby major cities, like portland and Boise.  The first thing you want to avoid is shipping a great distance, and shipping through the Rocky Mountains.  Searching Northern California might become nessecary if there are no applicable closeout sales running in Washington.
Next, check the local classified ads, like craigslist and newspapers, for anyone who is going out of business or selling off their shelving in Seattle.check for pallet rack, too.  Then do the same search in nearby major cities.  Also search minor nearby's, like Tacoma and Everett.  Even if Lozier or Madix is the brand you really need, make sure you do a search for a broarder term like "used gondola shelving", as some people won't list the brand in an ad; either because they don't know the name, or they don't understand it's possible importance. 
Be sure to check the local dealers, too.  Again, it might be tough to find your exact specifications from a local Seattle gondola shelving dealer, but you might get lucky, and they will have exactly what you need, in stock.

Vancouver, WA, should obviously be checking the Portland ads and dealers.  People in Vancouver will also enjoy a nice shipping point from California.
Get many quotes and compare prices, as shipping from the midwest or Los Angeles might be a better overall price, with more variety, than what you are likely to find if you limit your search to Seattle.
Always start searching close, then expand your search.  The few hundred extra miles in shipping might determine the best deal to get shipped from out of state.  Spokane might be better off seeking used gondola from the east, and Vancouver might find the best deal on Lozier is to the south (OR or CA), but you should run quotes from areas, just to be sure.
There are active dealers and liquidators near Washington state, so you might find what you need quickly.  You can also try the used pallet racking seattle dealers.

A couple things to avoid if possible:
Avoid shipping from Canada, taxes/tariffs can be rough.
Avoid shipping over the Rockies, though running a quote through Denver might be worth a shot.

The air in Seattle is relatively humid, so expect used gondola shelving from the region to be more rust-prone than you might like, since most parts are made of metal.
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Used Retail Shelving 
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Shelving Liquidations
There's more dealers in CA, OR and AZ.

James G Murphy Auctions (website)
(search gondola or shelving, then move on. This one is a maybe, but it's hard to beat auction prices)

Grand and Benedict
(new and used)

Mr. Racks
(rack and shelving Liquidator)

Warehouse Solutions NW
(new and used)

Continental Store Fixtures (website)
(new and used)
Before you start just clickin' buttons, get your specifications ready.

1) Write it all down before you make a single phone call or contact. Or let me find a deal for you, based on your location, and what you need.

2) Easily E-mail out for a few quotes, if you want to do it yourself.

Prepare to answer all of these questions:
Starter units: Height? Deck size? Quantity?
Add-on units: Height? Deck SIze? Quantity?
If possible, do you want different base deck sizes on opposite sides of any islands?
Island or Wall?
How many shelves per 'face'?
An Island has 2 'faces', a wall has one.
Don't count the base deck again...they come with the units.
Size of all shelves
End caps?


Note: If you aren't too picky about size.

Be ready to adjust your size a little, if you can give or take a few inches of aisle space.
Some used brands use even sizes (12,14,16), some use odd (13,15,17).

C-Store, pharmacy sized small/medium sizes, 12"-16", are often the hardest to obtain.