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Links will be considered for established used shelving dealers, and North American based manufacturers.
New gondola shelving distributors will be linked to in states that dont have used dealers.

You must have a physical presence to be listed in a state.

All links are subject to removal without notice, and may be removed when particular state page is 'sponsored' by a fixture company.

Generally, home page links only, no deep links.

Multiple links are available if they are relevant.

Dead or rerouted links will be immediately removed.

Use the form to update your information or request link removal.

Dealer Resources

I have thousands upon thousands of opening retailers who need someone to sell them shelving.

Is that you?  I don't know yet.
I am happy to funnel opening retailers your way, but I  need to know you can service them.

It's free. It's easy.

Please open a line of communication through email., or use my contact form below.

We can work together to get accurate, relevant information about your company to my users...opening retailers looking for shelving.

Again, my sites users are opening retailers.  This site is designed to please THEM, not dealers. Sorry 'bout that.
Make sure you are set to receive emails from, or open communication through:
Did you buy a whole store?
Why pack and ship it all...liquidate some on site!
I'll plug your sale on every page of my site (up top, liquidations), with a link to the location.

I'm not throwing spammy links around, but I want to post any physical location someone can buy used gondola.
Fill out the form below if you want to me to sell your shelving.

I plan to run quotes to anyone who can compete. 
I usually run a quote for new and used, depending on the customers needs.

If you aren't in my network, you will lose some sales.