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Unique investment opportunity

I am currently seeking a "smart" investor to facilitate growth and maximize profitability.

Only one investor is desired, as I hope develop a long term relationship. Some form of partnership is desirable, but only with the right individual.
Below is a list of desired attributes for my investor.  The only absolute requirements are some money ($100,000 minimum) and some decency as a human being.
Basically, money starts the ball rolling, but I don't want to deal with some jerk.

The basic idea is to form a liquidation company, or service liquidation companies.

I prefer to deal with an individual, not a group or corporation.
The ideal investor will have:

Warehouses in multiple shipping points throughout the US and Canada. (NY and Dallas are perfect)

Connections in commercial real estate, to get leads on opening and closing business'.

The ability to travel occasionally for a day or two.  For due diligence, purchasing/auctions and oversight on large projects.

A progressive attitude towards internet marketing, SEO, social media and new technolgies.

Experience with commercial refridgeration.

Experience with auctions.

Connections and experience in financing.

Bankrupcy law knowledge.

Retail management experience.


Nerves of steel
The potential exists for sizable investments, but low six figures should be fine.

When the economy is good, people buy shelving.
When the economy is bad, liquidators are needed.

If you're interested, we can talk details and numbers.  I'll need to know a little bit about you first, make sure you aren't an evil spy..

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