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Before you start just clickin' buttons, get your specifications ready.

1) Write it all down before you make a single phone call or contact. You can print this gondola worksheet page.

2) Easily E-mail out for a few quotes, or have worksheet in hand when you make calls.

Otherwise, the first telephone quote or web form will wear you out...
answering all these questions:
Starter units: Height? Deck size? Quantity?
Add-on units: Height? Deck SIze? Quantity?
If possible, do you want different base deck sizes on opposite sides of any islands?
Island or Wall?
How many shelves per 'face'?
An Island has 2 'faces', a wall has one.
Don't count the base deck again...they come with the units.
Size of all shelves
End caps?


The only true supply of gondola, however, is closing retail stores.

Whatever styles, sizes or colors are available will often depend on who's closing, or who has closed recently.

Sometimes your order is easy to fill and you can compare a few prices.

Smaller sizes are often more readily avaiable.

But sometimes, it's hard to find the color, size, style or brand of gondola shelving that you need when you need it.

Gondola is a bulky heavy product, and shipping costs can get high. 

Try checking your state first, then branch out to nearby states.
Note: If you aren't too picky about size.

Be ready to adjust your size a little, if you can give or take a few inches of aisle space.
Some used brands use even sizes (12,14,16), some use odd (13,15,17).

C-Store, pharmacy sized small/medium sizes, 12"-16", are often the easiest to obtain.

Also, in many retail environments, walls units will contain the store's larger shelves.

There's more islands, and they contain double the shelves and base decks.
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Who sells used shelving in Arizona?

Used Gondola Shelving Arizona

Phoenix, Scotsdale, Tempe, Tucson, Mesa AZ

Most of AZ, but Phoenix, in particular, is a great shipping location between Los Angeles and Dallas.

Trucks are constantly passing by Phoenix, Tuscon and (to a lesser extent) Flagstaff, which drastically lowers shipping costs to/from Texas and California dealers.

Try looking on craigslist
(website) for store fixture liquidations or any retail store shelving sales. 
Search Arizona first, then southern California, Vegas and Albuqurque.
Phoenix will have a relatively strong showing for fixture and used Lozier dealers.  Out of state dealers are attracted to both the vibrant market and ease of west coast and Texas access.  The AZ retail market has attracted some major liquidators and fixture dealers.
A web search will locate local and out of state options, large cities than can ship a few pallets to you, only raising your cost per four foot unit a few bucks.

While based in Philadelphia, Gershel Bros has a showroom in Phoenix.  They buy and sell a fair deal of used gondola, and will likely be able to outfit your store.
All the major cities, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Scottsdale and Tempe are relatively close, so used retail shelving can be found closeby.  
Being in the middle of all this activity really helps when you want to seek out a liquidation sale. 
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Used Retail Shelving 
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IL - WI - NE - FL - LA - NY - CO

Retail Store Shelving:


Gershel Bros
(new and used)

Bargain Store Equipment (website)
(new and Used)
Store Fixtures and supplies
( door neighbors 'Bargain Store Equip'...just sayin')

The Fixture Zone (website)
(new only, by order only)


Tucson Store Fixtures (website)
(they mention used fixtures, but
NOT gondola)