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Used Gondola Shelving - Beige, Island
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Used Gondola Shelving
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Used Gondola Shelving Arizona

Phoenix, Scotsdale, Tempe, Tucson, Mesa AZ

Arizona is a good place to buy used retail shelving. 
The climate is dry, so closing business' in the area will not have rusty shelving.  This might sound trivial, but attempting to buy gondola from a dry climate gives you a substantial advantage over seaside, or just generally moist, locations.  The metal and pegboard both last longer...all Lozier parts will wear better in a dry climate, as will most brands.
Phoenix is also a large, growing city.  Retail is big, from Phoenix to Tempe.  This makes your chances of finding a local store fixture liquidation possible.  
Another great thing about Phoenix AZ, in particular, is its shipping location.  It is between California and Texas...two GIANT markets for just about everything.  All the trucks that go between these two states pass through Phoenix and/or Scotsdale.
If you need to have product shipped to you(any product, really), the truck will go to Arizona at a discount don't be afraid to search out of state for Lozier or Madix.

It's location not only opens doors for you, it has opened doors for many prominent fixture dealers.  Phoenix will have a relatively strong showing for fixture and used Lozier dealers.  Out of state dealers are attracted to both the vibrant market and ease of west coast and Texas access.  The AZ retail market has attracted some major liquidators and fixture dealers.
A web search will locate local and out of state options, large cities than can ship a few pallets to you, only raising your cost per four foot unit a few bucks.

There is an active store fixture dealer in Phoenix who sell used gondola.  Not only Lozier and Madix, but any brand that shows up.  The (eastern part of) midwest part of the country is, by far, the best market to buy used shelving; it's really the center of the used Lozier universe, but Phoenix does OK for being so far away from "fixture civilization".  You got a got a giant state to you left and to your right, and Vegas will open a door or two also.  Being in the middle of all this activity really helps when you want to seek out a liquidation sale.  Check the classifieds for all nearby states if you search for a local deal fails.

All the major cities, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Scottsdale and Tempe are relatively close, so used shelving can be found closeby.  While most major dealers will advertise in the Phoenix yellow pages, or another online directory, it migh be worth checking into nearby cities.  The locations are so close that dealers, or a closing business, will deliver from Tempe for a nominal fee...more realistically you will send your own truck to pick up from a store closing sale in another AZ location.
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