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Used Gondola Shelving

Used Gondola Shelving Florida

Miama, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, St Petersburg, Orlando Fl

I would make a special page stating difficulties aquiring used shelves in Maine, Alaska and Hawaii; but they simply don't have the population that Florida does.  Florida is a tough state to buy used Lozier or Madix for a variety of reasons.  There isn't an active liquidator present, for one, at least not one with a shelving warehouse.  The climate isn't condusive to long term shelving usage or storage, and it's a horrible shipping point.
---Florida is humid and used shelving is likely rust than other climates.  Pegboard will also warp moreso than in a dryer climate.  These make finding used retail shelving locally, in good condition, tougher than many spots.  The liquidation sales you find often won't have the quality of product that you really want.
---Florida is tough, therefore expensive, to ship to.  Especially the southern cities like Miami...just a nasty shipping point. 
The tough part about shipping to Florida isn't just the distance, though Florida is a looong, large state.  It's the penninsula that gets you.  Any truck that goes to most of Florida, often leaves with an empty load. 

If a truck delivers shelving to will drop off, then hit a route up the east coast, or west to mobile, maybe north to Atlanta....and pick up it's next load.  
A trucker who drops off a load in Miama or St Petersburg, however...well, he is going hundreds of Miles "out of his way".  Miami is about 340 miles south of Jacksonville....but then the truck, coming from New York or Ohio, has to come back 340 miles.  340 + 340 = 680 miles!  Expect trucking companies and shipping brokers to bill you for a good chunk of their return trip.

It's not impossible to ship to Florida, even Miami or Ft Lauderdale, just more expensive than your average location.  A full truckload of shelving won't add much to your overall fixture purchase, and some LTL (less than a load) options are viable.  Shelving that is lighter, like short units with 13" shelves, can ship for a low cost.  Taller sizes with larger shelves will be MUCH more expensive, per four foot unit.

Jacksonville is the only major Florida city with an easy route to the north, and that still isn't pretty.  Jacksonville isn't "on the way" to anywhere other that another Florida city.  Used gondola in Jacksonville should be cheaper than other FL locations, but not by much.  It's not "shipping hell" like Miami, more like shipping Limbo.

Atlanta will be the closest city with a major used shelving market.  Atlanta dealers will be happy to ship to Florida, and ththe shipping price will be bearable.  BuyinG out of state will have the added benefit; no state sales tax on out of state purchases...and this will help alleviate the, likely, high shipping cost.

Try a local classified to see if someone is selling off their old fixtures.  Check online for local directories.  Researching online for an hour or two might pay off.

All hope is NOT lost, however.  There are used store fixture and gondola, both Lozier and Madix, purchasing options in Florida.  There are shelving dealers in Florida, there are closeouts and liquidations.  Atlanta is a close area, with several prominent dealers who will be happy to deliver.

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