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Used Gondola Shelving - Beige, Island
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Used Gondola Shelving
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Used Gondola Shelving Florida

Miama, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, St Petersburg, Orlando Fl

A moist climate really wears on gondola shelving.  The parts are all metal, except for the pegboard. The metal eventually rusts and the board eventaully warps.

Florida is more humid than most U.S.A. climates, and can expect to see more warped and rusted shelving on the market.

It gets worse.

Parts won't last as long, so used dealers cannot piecemeal orders as easily.  This creates a scarcity, which drives the price. 
There isn't a major liquidator based in Florida, which will exhasperate a retailers quest to outfit thier store.

It gets worse.

Florida is a lousy shipping point, especially the southern cities like Miami. It's 400 miles from Jacksonville to Miami.  Florida is really a long state. The length of the state alone adds shipping expenses.

But, yea, it gets worse.

Trucking companies lower thier costs by "piggy-backing" loads.  A truck going from NY to CA might pick up a pallet in Atlanta, drop it in Dallas, then skip to Oklahoma or Vegas for another load on his way to CA.  Every stop gets the trucking company and the shipping broker paid.

There's nothing on the way to Miami though, it's tucked into the corner of the U.S.A..  The shipping brokers can't stop in Kansas City or Phoenix on thier way, they can't piggy-back loads.

In the eyes of the shipper, any truck that goes to Florida is basically running double distance through a long state.

Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are the furthest away, but it isn't so much better in Tampa.  It's still a long trek no good piggy-backs.

As for St. Petersburg.  A penninsula within a penninsula.  Really.  C'mon people, haven't you been listening.
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Jacksonville is the only major Florida city with an easy route to the north, and that still isn't pretty.  Jacksonville isn't "on the way" to anywhere other that another Florida city.  Used gondola in Jacksonville should be cheaper than other FL locations, but not by much.  It's not "shipping hell" like Miami, more like shipping Limbo.

Atlanta will be the closest city with a major used shelving market.  Atlanta dealers will be happy to ship to Florida, and the shipping price will be bearable.  Buying out of state will have the added benefit; no state sales tax on out of state purchases...and this will help alleviate the high shipping cost.

The east coast and Texas will be your next stop on a shelving quest. They will be the most likely locations for a reasonable delivery price.

Try a local classifieds and craigslist to see if someone is selling off their old fixtures.  Check online for local directories.  Researching online for an hour or two might pay off.