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Nana says:
Bargain Store Fixtures - website
     (Orlando - Sells primarily used)
Disfix - website
     (Jacksonville - New and used)
Bill Pucket's Store Fixture
- website
     (St. Petersburg - mostly new)
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lozier island platinum
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Shelving Dealers in Florida:

Retail Store Shelving:

Used Gondola Shelving Florida

Miama, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, St Petersburg, Orlando Fl

Florida is a lousy shipping point for out of state deliveries, which you might need.  Especially the southern cities like Miami.

Even if it wasn't a penninsula, Florida is still in the corner of the country.  In terms of shipping...Florida is a dead-end.  Trucks can't easily 'piggy-back' loads, or make extra drops along the way, and this raises shipping costs considerably.

Jacksonville is the only major Florida city with an easy route to the north, and that still isn't pretty.  Jacksonville isn't "on the way" to anywhere other that another Florida city.  Shipping should be cheaper here than other FL locations, but not by much.  It's not "shipping hell" like Miami, more like shipping Limbo.

Atlanta will be the closest city with a major used shelving market.  Atlanta dealers will be happy to ship to Florida, and the shipping price will be bearable
There is another factor which increases the price of used shelving in Florida, the climate.  The parts are all metal, except for the pegboard; the metal eventually rusts and the board eventaully warps.  

Florida is more humid than most U.S.A. climates, and can expect to see slightly more warped and rusted shelving on the market.  Parts won't last as long, so used dealers cannot piecemeal orders as easily.  This creates a minor scarcity, which drives the price. 

There's a few dealers in Florida (see my links above), and Atlanta might be helpful. If you exhaust these options,

Florida is also really a long state, it's 400 miles from Jacksonville to Miami.
The length of the state alone adds shipping expenses, which you can double because

Try a local classifieds and craigslist
(website) to see if someone is selling off their old fixtures.  Check online for local directories.  Researching online for an hour or two might pay off.
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