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The majority of Canadians aren't far from a fixture dealer or chance to buy from a closing store.

You can check craigslist
(website) for store fixture liquidations or used retail shelving.

There's three dealers in Ontario, two of them in or near Toronto.  You will find more dealers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Across the border, to better serve Vancouver, Washington and Michigan have used shelving dealers. 

There's taxes with fancy names on the Canada Border Services Agency's
(website) step-by-step importing guide.  I don't think the fancy-named-taxes are deal-breakers...probably some paperwork, though.

While most Canadian retailers are in a reasonable spot to find a deal, you already know if this ISN'T you. 

Broad, sparsely populated land expances are tough places to find a good deal on shelving.  By the way, I think the Alaskans are building shelves out of snow, so I promoised I'd ask you guys for start thinking of something.
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Acme Shleving and Store Fixtures - website
     (Toronto Ontario - used gondola)

J&J Display Sales - website
     (Mississauga, Ontario - new and used)

Pal Plastics - website
     (Winnipeg, Manitoba - new and used)

Canada's Best Store Fixtures - website
     (2 locations - new manufacturer)
     (Woodbridge, ON & Winnipeg, MB)

This Plays Store Fixtures - website
     (Toronto Ontario - used gondola)

Blazer Store Fixtures - website
     (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - new and used)

Kanstor - website
     (Mount Pearl, NL - new only)

HRS Display - website
     (Saint-Laurent, Quebec - new only)

Vic Store Fixtures - website
     (Victoriaville, Quebec - new manufacturer)

Mr. Racks - website
     (Renton WA USA - used rack and gondola)

Grand and Bennedict - website
     (Seattle WA USA - fixture liquidator)

Shelving Dealers in Canada:


Used Gondola Shelving Canada

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Retail store shelving in Canada:

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